Just what is a website good for anyway?

Well, if you have a message you want to send out to the world, a website is going to be the easiest and most cost effective way to do it. Just imagine, there are reportedly more than three billion internet users worldwide! I’ll bet some of those people want to know what you have to say. Besides if you tried to send a letter to each of those users the US postage stamps alone would cost you $1,410,000,000! Now do you think a website is expensive?

Website vs. US Postage

3 billion internet users
cost of a stamp = 47 cents
total: $1.4 billion dollars

Holy Smokes!

Your message could reach all the internet users in the entire world for less than the cost of postage

Show Me Pricing!

You have information that people need. Besides, all they’re doing is scrolling through Facebook…they could be reading your words!


Do you have something to sell? A website costs so much less than a building. Heck, remember (look above) websites cost less than stamps!


Websites are great for sharing your stuff with everyone. Do you paint? Take pictures? Raise champion show dogs? Show the world!