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Meet the Crew

Andy Daupert

Husband and father, a techgeek, and entrepreneur working on his dream of owning and running a business devoted to serving. Andy has many years of experience in the areas of electronics, computers, photography, and videography. By day he builds websites, edits photos and video, and does his best to learn the intricacies of CSS and Java. By night he is devoted to raising two small stepchildren as if they were his own. Formerly serving his church as an iMag video director, currently Andy and Ammie volunteer as marriage mentors.

Andy left the “safe” 9 to 5 world to pursue his dream at the urging of his supportive wife. He currently is Dan Miller’s web developer (48days.com), and does virtual assistance work, as well as graphic design.

Ammie Daupert

An amazing wife and mother! by day she herds small children (Kindergarten teacher), and by night she supports me and the family in everything we do. She hails from New Mexico and got her teaching degrees from UNM.

 Support Staff

These are the ones that do all the heavy lifting…you can’t expect me to do it, I’m in front of a computer all day 🙂

Actually this is why I am in front of a computer all day, have you priced upkeep on kids lately??